Unemployment Insurance and Hearings

  • Do you have an upcoming Unemployment Insurance hearing?
  • Have you just been fired and are unsure if you should apply for Unemployment Insurance?
  • Do you need to quit your job but you do not know if you will qualify for Unemployment Insurance?

I may be able to provide you with some answers!  I believe that everyone should file for Unemployment Insurance.  Even people who quit their jobs can get Unemployment Insurance under the right circumstances.  However you may need an Unemployment Lawyer to help you present your case.  As an unemployment lawyer, I can represent you in all Unemployment Hearings.

I formerly worked as a staff attorney at the Massachusetts Unemployment appeals board (the Board of Review).  I reviewed hundreds of cases and know many of the ins and outs and technicalities that make a difference between winning and losing your Unemployment Appeal.


Your chances of winning your unemployment hearing may increase dramatically by hiring a lawyer experienced in this type of law.  I win difficult unemployment cases at the DUA every month.

You will have to decide if you want to spend the money to hire an attorney.  However, if you are reading this far, then you probably have thousands of dollars at stake.  You will win or lose them all depending on the outcome of your hearing.  I believe that is is almost always worth the money to have a good lawyer represent you in your unemployment hearing.  And…. if I think it is not worth you spending money on a lawyer I will tell you so!  I have told that to dozens of potential clients.

Unemployment lawyer in MA